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GWS Formosa Sloper

July 25, 2009

Today I got a GWS Formosa kit in a trade. I’m planning on building it as a slope glider with 3 S3114’s,and a 4 cell 500mah NiCD pack. I’ll be posting the build pictures here. This will be a fun little plane to bring to Altlantic City and get some slope action on the beach.

Stay tuned…


Hot Wire Cutter for Foam

July 23, 2009
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I’ve been wanting to cut some foam wings for little gliders for a while now, and eventually start bagging them. So I decided why not make a foam cutter now? The main frame is 1/4″ spruce, the cross brace is a dowel and the cutting wire is a string from a cello. The power source is a 7 cell NiCD pack, it’s the perfect temperature for nice clean cuts. It’s 2ft long, so I can cut a good amount of things. I made this specifically for HLG 3 piece wings. I’ll eventually make a bigger one for larger wings.

SD-10G Update

July 22, 2009


Got the stock sticks powdercoated, and  threw in a 2s 2200 lipo.

It’s been rock solid. About 9hrs of flights on it so far, and not one issue. I’ve finally gotten into some more  advanced  programming. I like the flight mode setup. It’s convienent and  easy to do. Another feature i absolutely love  is the abilty to calibrate the sticks straight from the TX. That is by far the coolest feature I have seen yet on a TX. I’m also going to order a usb cord soon as well. To store more models onmy computer and to be able to share them. Word is you can also  update the TX from their website when they come out with new firmware.

I had gotten the stock charger problem figured out as well. After cycling the battery, it lasted much longer. It charged off the stock charger just fine after that.

Great Planes Spirit

July 22, 2009


Here’s my just finished Spirit. I opted to use 3 hs-55’s instead of standard size servos. I’ve used them onother planes this size and they have held up just fine. I’ve got the 10ch FH-3  receiver in this one. I’m guessing AUW is in the range of 20-25oz. I’m working on a ballast tube, so it will fly better  in windy conditions. I placed my servo’s father back than the plans call for because I’m using the hs-55’s. This gives me plenty of  room  right under the CG for ballast. My hi-start should be here tomorrow according to UPS, so I’ll get to maiden both the Wanderer and the Spirit soon.

ACE R/C Wanderer

July 20, 2009
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I decided to give this some attention. I took off the power-pod, went over and fixed any covering, and installed a tow hook for a hi-start. It’s now ready to go as soon as my new hi-start gets here later this week.


SD-10G Review

July 12, 2009

After flying the 10G in a number of planes, I feel I’m ready to give my opinion on this radio. I’ve flown it in a few sailplanes (RES only, though)  a 50cc Stinger, and a Big Stik 40.

First off, this radio just feels great in your hands. It’s light, and the switches just feel natural, especially the trims. They are placed perfectly.

Programming isn’t too complicated, but it can get confusing at times. The full manual is not out yet (expected mid July), but they have the AERO section and system section done. That gives you enough information to get most planes and heli’s setup, minus some of the more confusing mixing options. (which really aren’t too bad, you can figure them out without the manual)

Once I got my radio setup, I headed out to the field. I sent up  my Electra first with an 8ch FHSS 1 receiver. I had no range issues, and the connection just felt solid.  After that I put my 50cc Stinger up with the 10ch FHSS 3 receiver. Again no problem and I could really feel the lower latency, especially in snap rolls. No problems with the Big Stik on another 8ch receiver either. Now I decided to test it a bit. Launched my Spirit sailplane with an 8ch recevier (antenna extended, and perpendictular to the ground). I got the Spirit to the point where I could barely see it, and still no radio issues.

The battery lasted the whole day, about 3hrs of flying. I did cycle it on my charger when I first got it.

All in all, I’m really happy I purchased this tx. It’s a great deal for 500$, and a totally solid radio. Out of 10 I would give it a 9.5. The one thing I didn’t like was the charger. It always seemed to say the pack was full even after charging for just 10min, from low battery alarm (not a full chage). It’s no biggie as I charge my tx packs off my own charger.

Video  explaining some functions of the radio.


July 10, 2009

This past Monday I got around to maidening two of my newer planes. The 50cc Stinger, and the elcetrified Big Stik 40. The Big Stik took the gear that was going to go in my Cub. The Cub was comming out a little too heavy, and I’d rather fly than build in the summer. So it’s going to wait untill winter.